Terms and Conditions

  • Free Trial Treatment is only applicable to 18 years old or above new customers. 
  • Free Trial Treatment is only applicable to House of Beauty Servicing Floor.
  • Free Trial Treatment cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers, including bank, birthday, student, two together promotion offers, special discount day and other discount cash coupon etc.
  • Free Trial Treatment is not exchangeable for cash, products and no change will be given.
  • Free Trial Treatment can only be used once, and solely in one transaction.
  • If the customer is pregnant or has skin and physical discomfort, please inform therapists and consult specialists before the treatment.
  • Before the Trial Treatment , you must make an appointment and confirm the treatment course. Walk-in services will not be entertained.

    House of Beauty reserves its full and final rights in this offer in case of any disputes.


    *The effect of permanent hair removal varies from person to person 
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    *The effect of treatment varies from person to person 
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    *The effect of treatment varies from person to person 


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